Irish "Hartman" Rug Hooking Hook with Pencil Handle, 4mm

Irish "Hartman" Rug Hooking Hook with Pencil Handle, 4mm

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Pencil Handle Irish Hook (Hartman Hook)

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Known for their hand crafted quality, Irish Hooks (a.k.a., Hartman Hooks) are the quality standard for rug hooks. Many rug hookers will only hook with an Irish Hook.

This version, with a "Pencil Handle" is made to be held like a pencil, for finer hooking. It is offered in 3mm and 4mm hook sizes, designed for rug hooking with fine cut wool, typically less than #5 cut

The handle is made of yew wood and because of its dense and closed grain, it is durable and feels great in the hand. The hook is made of handcrafted brass, individually crafted and smoothed so that there are no sharp edges.

We also offer the popular Ergo Handle and the Slim Handle.

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