Honey Bee Hive is proud to offer the wonderful designs of The Multicolores Rug Hooking Cooperative in Guatemala.  Honey Bee Hive donates 40% of the proceeds from sales of these patterns to support Multicolores.


Founded in 2013 as the first rug hooking cooperative in Guatemala, Multicolores is a group of over forty women artisans scattered across five communities in the highlands of Guatemala. As Mayas the women value their textile heritage and look upon rug hooking as an evolution of their textile repertoire and a way of keeping their rich cultural history alive.
The hooked rugs have their origins in the Semana Santa (Easter week) rugs which have been adorning the streets of Guatemala for hundreds of years. As an alternative to colored sawdust, fruit, vegetables and flowers, the hooked rugs are innovative in their use of 100% recycled materials to make the rugs. This is good for the environment and an inexpensive local source of hooking material.
The artists take their design inspiration from the traditional blouses (huipils), skirts (cortes) and belts (fajas) worn by Maya women.

Joining Multicolores has brought many positive changes to the women’s lives. Through rug sales they have been able to earn a regular income, which helps them to support their families, improve their homes, and send their children to school. Few Maya women travel beyond their villages, being part of Multicolores has opened up new horizons, providing opportunities to build cross-cultural friendships and share their craft with the world.

To learn more about the Multicolores Rug Hooking Cooperative in Guatemala, visit http://multicolores.org f: multicoloresguatemala

Members of the Multicolres Rug Hooking Cooperative in Guatemala

To learn more about each designer, click their names:
Carmen (left) and Carmen (right)

Pascuala (left) and Maria (right)

Nicolasa (left) and Eva (right)

CHARCO Rug Hooking Patterns

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Morris Bunny, rug hooked by Margaret BedleMorris Bunny, rug hooking pattern
P852: Morris Bunny
Sale priceFrom $45.00 USD
5 reviews
Noel, rug hooked by Linda BellNoel, rug hooking pattern
P788: Noel
Sale priceFrom $62.00 USD
2 reviews
Florence, Oregon, rug hooked by Betty McClenticFlorence, Oregon, rug hooking pattern
P861: Florence, Oregon
Sale priceFrom $52.00 USD
No reviews
Poppy-A La O'Keefe, rug hooked by Vivily PowersPoppy-A La O'Keefe, rug hooking pattern
P579: Poppy-A La O'Keefe
Sale priceFrom $42.00 USD
2 reviews
Chickadees, rug hooked by Gail BeckerChickadees, rug hooking pattern
P589: Chickadees
Sale priceFrom $39.00 USD
1 review
Stained Glass Mosaic, rug hooked by Helen Mar ParkinStained Glass Mosaic, rug hooking pattern
PT566: Stained Glass Mosaic
Sale priceFrom $43.00 USD
3 reviews
Fruit, rug hooked by Vivily PowersFruit, rug hooking pattern
P662: Fruit
Sale priceFrom $39.00 USD
1 review
Ruthie Rose, rug hooked by Vivily PowersRuthie Rose, rug hooking pattern
CS501: Ruthie Rose
Sale priceFrom $39.00 USD
No reviews
Stuff-Able Santa, rug hooked by Nancy BaileyStuff-Able Santa, rug hooking pattern
P843: Stuff-Able Santa
Sale priceFrom $53.00 USD
No reviews
Morris Victorian, rug hooked by Nancy GingrichMorris Victorian, rug hooking pattern
1567: Morris Victorian
Sale priceFrom $119.00 USD
1 review
Scroll Sampler, rug hooked by Brenda AndersonScroll Sampler, rug hooked by Juliana Kapusta
TS525: Scroll Sampler
Sale priceFrom $51.00 USD
1 review
Tiffany, rug hooked by Joanne Van WinkleTiffany, rug hooking pattern
1116: Tiffany
Sale priceFrom $77.00 USD
No reviews