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The pattern itself is very nice. The length of time getting to me was longer than expected. I left phone messages and e-mails and very very slow to answer to the point I almost cancelled my order. I have not started it yet, just getting colors together

PT660: Hydrangea
Mary K.S.
Rug Hooker: Mary Kay Stahley
Wool Cut: Size 4 to fit into the delicate flowers
Year hooked: 2024
Beautiful hydrangeas

I took a whimsical view of this pattern and I love the way it looks. It’s a beautiful pattern and I can’t wait to finish it

Really fun pattern to hook!

This will be the fourth person here in Treasure Valley Rug Hookers to hook this pattern, We've all had so much fun with it! Even those that don't have a place for it at home. One person is donating hers to a children's hospital. Sweet!

Just what I wanted looks great. I way overestimated my needs for the project but love it!

1270: Melanie
Jenna S.
Rug Hooker: Jenna Sleeper

Beautiful pattern! Looking forward to hooking it.

Rug Hooker: Me
Dashing Through The Snow

If you have trouble with the pattern- they will not help you. The actual pattern is the unhooked one which is very different from the colored picture. You will be redrawing it yourself. They do have a disclaimer

We are sorry that you were not happy with this pattern. Per our conversations, we are unable to accept returns of patterns that are already hooked. In the future, if you are not satisfied with the pattern you receive, please reach out prior to hooking so we can redraw any mistakes or provide a full refund for a return. We thank you for your purchase, and your feedback.

Patriotic Flamingo

Beautiful design.
Thank you very much.
More comments when it will be done.

Rug Hooker: Elise Roberts
Teacher: Ingrid Heronimus
Wool Cut: 5
Year hooked: 2020
Experimenting with dip dyes

Worked with Ingrid Heronimus on this piece at Cape May Rugs by the Sea, using her dip dyed wool. Enlarged the background a bit to cover the stool.

Rug Hooker: Elise Roberts
Teacher: Cheryl Bollenbach
Wool Cut: 7
Year hooked: 2020
Always thankful!

Started this rug with Cheryl Bollenbach at Cambia Pines Rug Camp in California. Love the background, love the sunflowers, love the sentiment.

Rug Hooker: Heidi Grevstad
Wool Cut: 7
Year hooked: 2024
Cherry Blossom!

I hooked this for McGown Western Teachers Workshop. The pattern required some sorting out but I think I managed it ok. I couldn't resist giving it a dramatic dark background.

Rug Hooker: Elise Roberts
Teacher: Chizuko Hayami and Gene Shepherd
Wool Cut: 4, 5
Year hooked: 2024
Many years in the making

Started this pattern with Chizuko Hayami in 2014 at Cape May Rugs by the Sea. It lived unfinished in a box for 10 years, but I finally completed it in 2024. Gene Shepherd helped me modify the border and brighten the color palette. I am pleased with the finished product.

Rug Hooker: Dinah Kretschmer
Teacher: Tish Murphy
Wool Cut: #4 to #7
Year hooked: 2023 -2024
The Snow Maiden in the Forest

This was a fun and challenging pattern especially with getting the right blues to not compete with each other in the sky, coat and snow.


Great wool to combine with darker yellow/golds for sunflowers. Would also be great for daffodils.

Rug Hooker: Nancy Davis
Teacher: Pam Bartlett
Wool Cut: #4 and #6
Year hooked: 2023
Great pattern!

This is a great pattern for those who want to hooking an Oriental, but prefer a wider cut.

Rug Hooker: Isabel Rego-Cruz
Wool Cut: Number 5
Year hooked: 2024
Floral rug hooking pattern

Beautifully drawn. Looks terrific. A looking forward to start hooking it once I have all my wool gathered. The design is crisp and very well defined.

Always Happy

I have been very happy with everything that that I have ordered from Honey Bee. This order did take a little longer to arrive, but was definitely worth the wait!

the best!

i adore hartman hooks...this slim handle is new for me & different in my hand....i like the way it feels....

PR1025: Pig
Katherine C.
Love it!

having grown up down the road from a pig farm......i love pigs (& cows & chickens/roosters) farm animals in general....this rug is perfect....thanx!

Rug Hooker: Carin Froehlich
Teacher: Self taught
Wool Cut: #7 cut #6 and #5
Year hooked: 2024

I’ve been hooking rugs since 1970 in the days when rug hooking was known as the “ Poor Man’s Craft “ very few rug hooking projects were available now if you Quilted that is a whole different story
Rug hooking has finally arrived and to have access to such a huge collection of patterns is the first step to success. Every rug you hook comes from within your heart it’s a family heirloom for generations to come.

Rug Hooker: Carin Froehlich
Teacher: Self taught since 1965
Wool Cut: #7 plus #6 and #5
Year hooked: 2024

I ve been looking for a pattern of hydrangeas for a long time I’m making this rug for a dear friend that loves hydrangeas and unfortunately had to move from her home of 45 years now lives could you send me color photos of finished pattern

Excellent Background Color

Quality of wool was perfect color will fit any background scheme. Cutting strips in different sizes found no problems
Start to finish I’m a happy customer

Rug Hooker: Carie O'Banion
Wool Cut: Mostly 8, but border was 8.5. The lines in mermaids body and around her eyes were a 4.
Year hooked: 2024
Beautiful mermaid pattern.

This was such a fun pattern to hook. I was nervous about hooking her face, as I don't have much experience with faces, but I think she turned out lovely!

Rug Hooker: AJ Kemon
Teacher: Cyndy Duade
Wool Cut: 3, 4 and 5
Year hooked: 2024

A fun rug to hook! Color plan was for a photo of my friend’s horse, Stolli.

Fascinating Exhibit

Fascinating rug hooking exhibit. The rugs were stunning and the show was enhanced by the tour. The Hook-In was very enjoyable and the lunch was delicious.

What a great show! Hope to see more in the future.

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