Pearl McGown and Jane McGown Flynn established the McGown Teachers' Workshop Series, which is designed to foster the skills of rug hook instructors.

To find a Teacher's Workshop near you, visit our schedule of workshops.

Honey Bee Hive is the exclusive provider of rug hooking patterns for the McGown Teachers' Workshop Series.  Our CHARCO line of primitive and tapestry patterns from House of Price were designed by Jane McGown Flynn to provide rug hook artists with challenging and exciting patterns from which to master their craft.

The McGown Teachers’ Workshop Series continues the principles established by Pearl K. McGown and Jane McGown Flynn that allow McGown Teachers to further their knowledge and interest in the craft of tapestry rug hooking. The Series includes both lecture and instruction on improving technique; studying color theory and planning as well as dyeing techniques. The workshops promote the interests of rug hookers and the craft of rug hooking by providing training opportunities for teachers, who then teach new rug hookers on the craft. Support for teachers occurs through a network of other teachers who encourage and support each other in solving problems related to the craft, a specific project, or common issues faced by teachers in a classroom setting. 


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