Rosario lives with her husband and 3 children in Chiyax, a small village situated in the South-Western Highlands of Guatemala.  The majority of the population in this region are Maya K'iche.

Rosario learned to rug hook four years ago from rug hooking teacher Ramona Tzunun. She takes her design inspirations from the huipils (Traditional Blouses) worn by Maya women and Semana Santa 'alfombras'. These are rugs created in the streets of Guatemala during Easter using colored sawdust, pine needles, flowers, vegetables, and other natural elements. It is Rosario's hope that people learn about Guatemala through her rugs.

Rosario's husband and children are supportive of her work. They have taken over some of the household chores, cooking, cleaning, tending to the animals, so that she can rug hook.  Income from rug hooking has improved their quality of life. Rosario dreams of her children graduating, with good employment opportunities and not suffering the way she had to in her childhood. She says, "My children see me as a role model, they see that without education and just a few opportunities, I have achieved much and have had many new experiences. This makes me happy because they know that with an education, they will be able to reach further than I could."

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Rosario Gutierrez Pacheco



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