Yolanda is the youngest of the talented trio of Churunel rug hooking sisters, who live with their parents in the rural community of Chuacruz in the Department of Sololá, in the South Western region of Guatemala. Yolanda was taught to rug hook by her sister Micaela in 2016.

In the beginning Yolanda found the rug hooking technique difficult, on occasions she despaired, but she didn't give up. She practiced and practiced on a piece of material, her parents and sisters always encouraging her in her work.  She now feels very satisfied with what she has done, and she feels happy when people use the word ‘artist’ to describe her. Her rugs are inspired by the symbols and motifs found in traditional Maya clothing and by nature.

Yolanda’s dream is to complete her high school education and she would like to travel, particularly to those places where Multicolores’ rugs are sold, so that she can meet the people who buy her rugs. With the money she has made through rug hooking, she is now able to have good access to healthcare and help her family with household expenses.

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Yolanda Churunel Ajú




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