Honey Bee Hive is proud to offer the wonderful designs of The Multicolores Rug Hooking Cooperative in Guatemala.

For every purchase of a Multicolores pattern, Honey Bee Hive donates 40% of the proceeds to support Multicolores.

Click here to learn more about Multicolores.

This past year, your purchase supported a new leadership program which began in July 2017 and will run until July 2020. Training takes place in Panajachel, Guatemala two days per month. After careful consideration nine artists were selected to receive leadership training. These women were identified based on their skills, motivation, and leadership abilities.

The leadership program is designed to develop leaders who are self-aware, and have good organizational and technical skills. This means that more formal training is interspersed with English and Spanish classes, music and dance classes, as well as discussions on health and personal hygiene, the benefits of good nutrition, and individual counseling sessions.

Participants in the Multicolores leadership program for 2017

 The program seeks to develop women as leaders in their communities and in Guatemala, who work for the collective good: on school boards, drinking water committees, parent council assemblies, and religious groups.

Future training topics include:

  • Women in Leadership Roles
  • Human Rights and Women's Rights in Guatemala
  • Sexual Rights and Reproductive Health
  • Family Planning
  • The Right to Education for Girls and Boys 



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