Christa Bowling is a Certified McGown Rug Hooking Instructor who has been designing rug hooking patterns ever since she began rug hooking herself.

With more than 80 designs to her name, Christa is known for her whimsical, holiday and Americana inspired designs.  Below is a great example of one of her Americana inspired patterns. Cock-A-Doodle_Dandy (PR1788).

PR1788: Cock-A-Doodle-Dandy Designed & Hooked by Christa Bowling 

Christa earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Montevallo, where she specialized in ceramics, but rug hooking has become her life-long passion.

She believes that art should be an important element of everyday life, making sure that it is both fun and creative. She finds parallels between ceramics and rug hooking since both can be meditative activities. She especially likes to "zone out" and enjoys the act of hooking and also to create beautiful surfaces and textures with wool.

Many of Christa's designs are holiday themed. Below is an example design and hooked by Christa, entitled, Sweet Deliveries (PR1815). To see all of Christa's holiday themed designs, click here.  Her holiday patterns include Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

PR1815: Sweet Deliveries, designed and hooked by Christa Bowling

Christa uses her artistic background to color in her patterns. This helps rug hookers an idea for a color plan. To see some examples of her colored patterns, click here and browse her entire collection.


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