Anne Bond - Rug Hooking Pattern Designer & Fiber Artist

Anne Bond started her journey into the world of fiber art in 1980. With a background in cosmetology, her fascination with color naturally drew her towards this expressive medium. Under the guidance of renowned color educators, Anne honed her skills and delved deeper into the realm of fiber artistry. She has worked with a variety of art mediums, including watercolor and oil painting, drawing, sculpture, lead glass – pottery and quilting. She studied at The Society of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.

In 2001, Anne's artistic horizons expanded further when she discovered the craft of rug hooking. From that moment, rug hooking became more than a hobby – it became her passion. Over the years, Anne has dedicated herself to mastering the art form, hooking over 160 rugs ranging from orientals to pictorials and primitives, and has designed dozens of rug hooking patterns. In addition, Anne authored two dye books (Ewenique Dye Books I and II) which have 110 of her 750 formulas. Coloring fiber has been Anne's passion and she's grateful to have had the opportunity to expand her creativity and friendships through the art of rug hooking.

Christmas Krackers

Christmas Krackers is a great example of Anne's americana style.

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