Leandra lives with her husband and the youngest of her three children in Chiyax, a small village forty-five minutes from the city of Totonicapán in Guatemala.

Leandra was taught to rug hook in 2011 by Rug Hooking Project founder Mary Anne Wise.  In the beginning she was afraid, since she couldn’t write she wondered if she would be able to draw, but she practiced and motivated herself by thinking she could do it and now Leandra loves to draw.

Leandra is using income from rug sales to support her daughter through High School, and to help with household purchases. She recently bought a refrigerator and cookware. When Leandra sells a rug, she has the traditional of buying drinking chocolate and sweet bread for her the family to share and celebrate together. Having an income motivates Leandra day by day and makes her feel happy

As Leandra’s talent blossomed so has her self-confidence. She hopes she is a role model for her two daughters. She wants them to realize that women can bring about positive change in their own lives.

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Leandra Robles Yax




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